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AFMC President & Symposium Chair Esin AKI-YALCIN
Prof. (PhD)
Ankara University - Turkey

Organization Committee Chair of the AIMECS 2019 Ismail YALÇIN
Prof. (PhD)
Ankara University - Turkey

Symposium Secretariat Sinan SENEM Phone :
+90 312 419 0 998
Fax :
+90 312 419 1 888




The topics of the symposium will include:

  • ADME Prediction and Computational Toxicology for Safer and Efficacious Drugs
  • Advances in Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry
  • Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning in Drug Discovery
  • Big Data Analysis, Cloud Resources and Precision Medicine
  • Binding Kinetics in Drug Discovery
  • Biomaterials and Drug Delivery
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Biophysical Methods in High Throughput Screening in Drug Discovery
  • Biotechnology Targeted Drugs
  • Chemical Probes in Drug Discovery
  • Cheminformatics / Pharmacoinformatics in the Era of Biological Complexity
  • Computational Biology and Quantum Enzymology
  • Design and Synthesis of Peptide-Based Compounds
  • Drug Discovery for the Metabolic Syndrome and Associated Diseases
  • Drugs from Natural Resources
  • Epigenetic Drugs
  • Gene Targeted Drugs
  • G-protein-coupled Receptors (GPCRs) as Therapeutic Targets
  • Heterocyclic Compounds: Synthesis and Physicochemical Properties
  • Nanotechnology in Drug Discovery
  • Ligand-Based and Structure-Based Approaches to Drug Design
  • Medicinal Chemistry Approaches to Overcome Multi Drug Resistance in Cancer and Infectious Diseases
  • Microwave Chemistry
  • Miscellaneous Drugs
  • Modulators for Inflammation and Immune System
  • Multi-Target Drugs
  • New avenues in QSAR & QSPR Methodology and Applications
  • Organic Halogen Compounds: Synthesis and Physicochemical Properties
  • Parkinson’s Disease: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Prodrugs
  • Recent Advances in Developments of the Anticancer Agents
  • Recent Developments in Novel Antiviral Agents
  • Recent Developments in Novel Antipsychotic Drugs
  • Recent Developments in Novel Herbal Drugs
  • Regenerative Medicine: A new Area of Translational Science
  • Stereochemical Control in Organic Synthesis
  • Synthetic Chemistry
  • Targeted Drug Delivery
  • Targeting Protein-Protein Interactions and Protein Target Dynamics for Drug Discovery
  • The Post-Antibiotic Era: Promising Developments in the Therapy of Infectious Diseases


  • Asian Federation for Medicinal Chemistry


  • European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry

  • American Chemical Society

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Turkey

  • Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies