AFMC President & Symposium Chair Esin AKI-YALCIN
Prof. (PhD)
Ankara University - Turkey

Organization Committee Chair of the AIMECS 2019 Ismail YALÇIN
Prof. (PhD)
Ankara University - Turkey

Symposium Secretariat Sinan SENEM Phone :
+90 312 447 84 92
Fax :
+90 312 447 84 02

Sponsorship Status

The 12th AFMC International Medicinal Chemistry Symposium (AIMECS 2019) is the most important international event organized by the Asian Federation for Medicinal Chemistry (AFMC) on every biennial years since 1997 first organized in Japan.

AFMC is the main independent organization, which represents 10 scientific pharmaceutical or medicinal chemistry associations and/or Societies from eight Asian-Pacific countries (Australia, China, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Korea (South), Taiwan and Turkey.

AFMC-AIMECS meetings provide a very important and beneficial opportunity for the medicinal chemists, rational drug design & developers, computational chemist in academia as well as in industry researchers to stimulate the exchange of ideas, to evaluate new methods and new lines of investigation for the contribution to the global progress of drug design and development.

Following the traditions of AFMC-AIMECS meetings, the 12th AIMECS 2019 will also provide an international forum for presentation and discussion, by both highly skilled professionals and young scientists from academia and/or industry by featuring invited lectures, oral talks and poster presentations of recent progress and future trends in all aspects of Medicinal Chemistry.

AFMC-AIMECS 2019 will provide sessions organized by the American Chemical Society (ACS) Division of Medicinal Chemistry and the European Federation of Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC) as the participating organizations.

AIMECS 2019 Organization is a non-profit organization and we would be very grateful, if you could support this meeting, which all the funding will use to pay the expenses of the speakers, discussion leaders, students, postdocs, and young researchers.


Please contact with the Symposium Secretariat for the Sponsorship Cost

By having the Standard Sponsor Status, the activities listed below will provide by the 12th AIMECS 2019 Organization Committee to the Sponsor party:

  • Inserting the sponsor name and the logo in the symposium internet website; giving with a link to company website.
  • Showing the sponsor name and the company logo on the screen of the lecture hall during the coffee- breaks
  • Printing the company logo on the information and signalization boards that will placed in the main hall and poster area.
  • Placing the company leaflet, flyer or brochure in the symposium bag.
  • Inserting the sponsor name and company logo in the Abstract e-book.
  • Inserting the company’s one full-page advertisement in the abstract e-book.
  • Printing the sponsor name and company logo in the symposium programme booklet.


Gaining the Standard Sponsor Status will also provide a right to the sponsor party to select one or more sponsorship opportunities listed below

  • Organizing of a Workshop in the Symposium (Please contact with the Symposium Secretariat),
  • Sponsoring of the Symposium bag, which is the logo and name of the sponsor printed (1.500 EURO),
  • Sponsoring the badge of the Symposium, which is the logo and name of the sponsor printed (1,500 EURO),

Additional sponsoring activities will be provided as “first come, first serve” basis.

For further information and/or question, please write/contact with 12th AIMECS 2019 Symposium Secretariat

12th AIMECS 2019 Symposium Secretariat
Mr. Sinan SENEM
E-mail: or
Tel: +90 312 447 84 92
Fax: +90 312 447 84 02